Brilliant — profitable energy

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Premium Brilliant seed treatment technologies are a new approach to seed protection. Brilliant has a triple action, protecting the future corn crop and unlocking its potential.

Highly effective insect-fungicidal components form a powerful protection against pests and diseases in critical moments of crop development, and the innovative biostimulator provides maximum energy in the initial stages of growth. Due to this, friendly and level seedlings are formed in the field, which will ensure good quality of the future harvest.

Advantages of Brilliant protection technology:

  • - increasing the field germination of seeds;
  • - ensuring the uniformity of the stairs in stressful conditions;
  • - disclosure of the maximum energy potential of the initial growth;
  • - control of pathogens from the genera Alternaria Ness., Aspergillus Mich., Botrytis Mich., Cladosporium Link., Fusarium Link., Mucor Mich., Penicillium Link., Pytium Pringsh., Rhizoctonia DC., Trichothecium Link;
  • - at the stage of germination strong insecticidal protection against the main pests (wireworm, moth, sprout larva, fleas, beetle, Swedish fly, cicada).

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The latest formulation makes it possible to use the target properties of active substances as effectively as possible.

The energy of the initial growth determines the ability of the plant to form friendly and aligned shoots, which has a positive effect on future harvests.

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