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LNZ Group is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding, which main business areas are Seeds growing, seeds production, distribution of seeds and crop protection products.
In 2017, the company UKRAGROPROTEKT joined LNZ Group. A company is a distributor of generic crop protection products, which meet all the requirements of the modern agrarian industry. Today, the company UKRAGROPROTEKT represents a new generation of generic crop protection products under the brand DEFENDA.

Generic crop protection products are a combination of highly effective compounds that form the highest quality of the product. They are among the most optimal and modern crop protection products. Their application is already widespread in Europe, and is gaining popularity in Ukrainian market.

The mission of DEFENDA is to provide the Ukrainian producers with high quality and affordable crop protection products, provide the necessary technological and financial support, and contribute to their financial success.

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The company is located nearest to customers in different regions;

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The company is ready to demonstrate its achievements in the market and share experience;

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The company has a long-term development strategy;

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Best Chinese plants, modern technologies, and quality control.