MACHO фото 1 Defenda

The sticking agent, surfactant.

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Active Fraction Content Ethoxylate- isodecyl alcohol 900 g/L

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Chemical Group Sticking Agent

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Preparative Form Suspension Concentrate

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WHO Classification III class (Moderate-hazard substance)

Advantages of product

It enables to apply the preparations in lower consumption standards.

It provides high and stable effectiveness of preparations’ action.

It accelerates and improves the pesticidal effect of the preparations it is applied with.

It promotes accelerated and more complete penetration of active substances of plant protection products into plants.

It improves the wetting of terrestrial parts of plants and increases the adhesion of the spray solution of the preparation.

MACHO фото 1 Defenda

Mechanism of Action

MACHO reduces the surface tension of the solution, which ensures the formation of a homogeneous film and reduces the drainage of the spray solution away from the surface of the leaves. This contributes to better adhesion of plant protection products and their absorption by the plant. Thus, the preparation increases the effectiveness of the pesticidal action, which is especially important in dry or cool weather, when the growth of plants is slowed down and the wetting thereof by spray solution becomes worse.

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Preparation Properties

The MACHO effectiveness does not depend on the hardness of the water. It does not light up, does not cause corrosion of workpieces, not volatile. It is moderately safe for humans and the environment.

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It is used as a sticking agent with plant protection products for the post-emergence application.

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

It is used in tank mixture with pesticides for post-emergence spraying of agricultural cultures, according to the regulations of use of means of plant protection. Consumption rates: MACHO is used in the concentration of 0.1% (100 ml per 100 litres of water) at the rate of consumption of the spray solution from 200 to 300 litres per hectare. For treatments with a smaller volume, it should be used 150 ml of MACHO per hectare.