The high-selective contact-intestinal acaricide, which completely destroys all movable stages of tick development (larvae, nymphs, imago), and shows high Ovicidal effects, as well.

Active Fraction Content Fenpyroximate, 50 g/L

Chemical Group Tetrazines

Preparative Form Emulsion Concentrate

WHO Classification III hazard class

Advantages of product

The “knockout” effect with further long-lasting action.

High efficiency against all movable stages of ticks.

It is safe for entomofauna.

The preparation is flexible in use, at the temperature from +15°C till 30°C.

Complete destruction of the movable stages of vegetable-feeding ticks: larvae, nymphs, imago, and high Ovicidal effects, as well.

Mechanism of Action

The preparation acts as a contact agent and is distinguished by a quick “knockout” effect. It affects all moving stages of tick/mite development (a larva, a nymph and an adult). It destroys ticks/mites resistant to other acaricides. The mechanism of action combines two processes: - inhibition of ATP synthesis of mitochondria, which causes interruption of normal metabolism and respiration of ticks; - Inhibition of monoamine oxidase interrupting the transport of electrons of the nervous system.


Acaricide of contact action. It is intended for application on soybeans against a complex of harmful ticks/mites. It causes immediate paralysis of all movable tick/mite stages.

Properties of Preparation

Fenpyroximate ruins the processes of oxidative phosphorylation, which leads to a complete stop of the processes of life and the rapid death of pests.

Consumption Standards & Application Terms

Culture, plant to be treated
Harmful agent
Method and time for treatment,
Consumption Standards, L/ha
Number of Treatment
Term of the last treatment till harvesting
Culture, plant to be treated
Harmful agent
Red spider.
Method and time for treatment
Spraying in the growing (vegetation) season
Consumption Standards, L/ha
Number of Treatment
Term of the last treatment till harvesting

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

Spraying should be carried out in the morning (up to 10:00) and in the evening (18:00 – 22:00), at a wind speed not exceeding 3 m/sec for fine-drop-spraying and 4 m/sec for large-drop-spraying.

Spray Material Consumption Standards



The product is compatible with other preparations. However, in any case, before it will be used, it is recommended to test preliminary whether it is mixable or not.

Precautions in Use

Do not use later the term specified in the table as a latter treatment till harvesting.