The system herbicide designed for reliable control of a wide range of weeds in sugar beets crop areas.

Active Fraction Content Triflusulfuron-methyl, 500 g/kg

Chemical Group Sulfonylureas

Preparative Form Water-soluble granules

WHO Classification III hazard class.

Advantages of product

The preparation provides a sufficient decrease in the costs for the hectare treatment by herbicides

The wide window of entering.

The preparation provides an active impact on dry weather conditions.

The preparation is a reliable partner for the widening of a spectrum of control over the weeds.

Mechanism of Action

The preparation is mainly absorbed by the weed leaves, and its roots as well. Therefore, the preparation has a system action and partly soil activity. Penetrating into a plant, it is transferred into the points of growth where rapidly slows down the division of cells in the sensitive plants by blocking their growth.


Annual dicotyledonous weeds. Most of the weeds are destroyed better if the preparation is used in the period from a stage of cotyledon up to a stage when 2 leaves appear. If entered at the later stages it will be less effective, some weeds will not be destroyed, but only stop in their growth.

Preparation Properties

Pangolin, VG is a high-selective preparation for sugar beets both itself and in mixtures, even at the initial crucial stages of the culture development (subject to it will be used, according to the relevant recommendations). Due to the aforesaid Pangolin, VG properties it is easy to choose a preparation – partner for a tank mixture and a standard of consumption thereof in order to provide control over the weeds at a higher level and minimal stress for a culture.

Consumption Standards & Application Terms

Culture, weed to be treated
Destructive Weeds
Application Method & Period
Consumption Standards
Number of Treatments
Culture, weed to be treated
Sugar beets
Destructive Weeds
Annual dicotyledonous weeds
Application Method & Period
Spraying the culture crops from the phase when cotyledons appear with an interval of 7 - 10 days.
Consumption Standards
30 g/ha PAR Macho 0.2 L/ha
Number of Treatments

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

Pangolin, VH is safe for all species of beets at any stage of growth, provided that the beets are not in a state of stress. The optimum temperature for spraying is +15°C - +25°C at entering and several hours after it. If the temperature is higher + 25°C or lower +10°C, within 3-5 hours after application, the rate of metabolism in the culture decreases. This can lead to temporary yellowing of beet leaves. These symptoms disappear within 10 days, without affecting the further development of culture, harvest and sugar content.

Spray Material Consumption Standards



The product is compatible with other preparations. However, in any case, before using it is recommended to conduct a preliminary test whether it can be mixed or not.

Precautions in Use

Do not use after the deadline for the last treatment until harvesting, as specified in the table.