frost-resistant winter wheat

The combined fungicidal sterilizing preparation designed to protect the seeds of spiked cereals against fungus diseases.

Active Fraction Content 6.3 g/L Cyproconazole + 30g/L difenoconazole

Chemical Group Triazoles

Preparative Form Flowing Suspension Concentrate (TN)

WHO Classification III class (Moderate hazard substance)

Advantages of product

Universal two-component preparation for treatment of seeds of all cereals

It is gradually absorbed by the plant, thus affecting longer both the internal and external infections

It is permitted to sterilize both immediately before sowing and in advance.

No dispersion when sterilizing and sowing.

The preparation improves the seed flow in the seed planter.

It has a favourable physiological impact on a protected culture, increasing productive tilling capacity, ear grain content.

There is no risk of phytotoxicity.

It is not toxic to warm-blooded animals.

Mechanism of Action

BASTION presents an effective preparation for fighting against root rots and soot diseases in wheat, barley and oats that are spread with seeds and soil.

Properties of Preparation

Bastion is an effective preparation for fighting against root rots and soot diseases in wheat, barley and oats. The preparation also protects seeds and sprouts against other diseases and has a side effect against diseases such as dwarf smut, Septoria blight, various rots and moulds and spots, as well as early manifestations of powdery mildew (before the tube formation). In compliance with the preparation consumption standards, BASTION does not delay or inhibit the germination of seeds, enables to reduce the seeding rate, while increasing the productive tilling capacity.

Consumption Standards & Application Terms

Culture, plant to be treated
Harmful agent
Method and Time of Treatment
Consumption Standards, L/t
Culture, plant to be treated
Spring and frost-resistant winter wheat
Harmful agent
Stinking smut, Septoria blight, fusarious and helminthosporiose root rots, seed moulding
Method and Time of Treatment
Seeds are sterilized with moistening.
Consumption Standards, L/t

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

When seeds are sterilized with the preparation, they should be intact, clean and free of impurities. During the application, it is required to control the quality of sterilization (visual control, the uniformity of the grain coating) by the degree of staining and the standard of preparation consumption. Do not sterilize the seeds that have been treated with another preparation.

Spray Material Consumption Standards

8-10 L/t


It is compatible with the film-forming compositions of biologically active substances, as well as other seeds, having a neutral reaction. The preparation is not compatible with organic pollutants-based sterilizing preparations. However, in each particular case, it is required to prepare a test mixture in order to check compatibility.