CUSHION, KS фото 1 DefendaCUSHION, KS фото 2 Defenda

Selective herbicide of system action designed for the fight against annual dicotyledonous and cereal weeds in areas with sugar beets.

CUSHION, KS фото 3 DefendaCUSHION, KS фото 4 Defenda

Active Fraction Content Metamitron, 700 g/L

CUSHION, KS фото 5 DefendaCUSHION, KS фото 6 Defenda

Chemical Group Triazinones

CUSHION, KS фото 7 DefendaCUSHION, KS фото 8 Defenda

Preparative Form Suspension Concentrate

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WHO Classification II hazard class

Advantages of product

The preparation is available for use already at +5°C.

The preparation is available for use regardless of a phase of the culture's development.

Long-lasting action.

The lowest toxicity in comparison with the well-known herbicides for sugar beets.

Efficiency does not decrease, even immediately after spraying the rain falls, the substance washed off by rain will affect through the soil.

CUSHION, KS фото 1 Defenda

Mechanism of Action

Metamitron is absorbed by roots and leaves of weeds, rapidly moving to the leaf apparatus of a plant, where it blocks the photosynthesis process which leads to the death of weed plants.

CUSHION, KS фото 2 Defenda


The preparation is designed for application on the sugar beets against annual dicotyledonous weeds at the early stages of their development.

CUSHION, KS фото 3 Defenda

Властивості препарату

При застосуванні гербіциду до сходів культури утворюється гербіцидний «екран». При проростанні бур’янів діюча речовина з гербіцидного «екрану» через коріння та стебло проникає до рослини, що призводить до її подальшої загибелі. При обробітку вегетуючої небажаної рослинності діюча речовина потрапляє до рослини через листя, стебло та частково через кореневу

Consumption Standards & Application Terms

Culture, weed to be treated
Destructive Weeds
Application Method
Consumption Standards, L/ha
Number of Treatments
Culture, weed to be treated
Sugar beets
Destructive Weeds
Annual cereal and dicotyledonous weeds
Application Method
First spraying in the phase when cotyledon weeds appear, next with intervals in 7-10 days.
Consumption Standards, L/ha
Number of Treatments

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

When the preparation is entered into the soil it should be covered. At the post-emergence application in order to reach maximum effect, the treatment should be made at the optimum temperature (from +5°C up to 25°C).

Spray Material Consumption Standards



The preparation is compatible with other preparations. However, in any case, it is recommended prior to use it to test whether it can be mixed or not.

Precautions in Use

It is prohibited to use after the term specified in the table as a deadline for the last treatment prior to harvesting.



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