Highly effective preparation of a wide range of action against single- and dicotyledonous weeds in areas with sunflower crops (hybrids resistant to imidazolinones).

Active Fraction Content Imazamox, 33 g/L + Imazapyr, 15 g/L

Chemical Group Imidazolinones

Preparative Form Soluble Concentrate

WHO Classification III class Low-toxic substance

Advantages of product

Sunflower protection against all broomrape (Orobanche Cumana) races.

Reliable protection against weeds, including in problem areas.

Wide range of actions.

Control of future waves of weeds (soil action).

Контроль наступних хвиль бур’янів (ґрунтова дія).

Притаманна висока селективність.

Mechanism of Action

The preparation is absorbed by a plant and spreading inside, by affecting the weeds growing processes, by ceasing them gradually and completely.

Organization of crop rotation

Preparations attributable to imidazolinones group cannot be used in one field more often than once every three years. After the preparation has applied, it should follow the next crop rotation:

– without restrictions - varieties or hybrids of sunflower, rape, resistant to herbicides to imidazolinones group;
– 4 months later - winter wheat, rye;
– 9 months later** - corn, barley ***, oats, rice, sunflower, soybeans, peas, beans, sorghum;
– 18 months later - vegetables, potatoes;
– 24 months later - sugar and fodder beets, rape, buckwheat, millet.

** If the soil pH is higher than 6.2 and the amount of precipitations is greater than 200 mm.
*** When the amount of precipitations is less than 200 mm, and pH is 6.2, there is a danger that phytotoxicity will manifest.

Consumption Standards & Application Terms

Culture, weed to be treated
Destructive Weeds
Application Method
Consumption Standards, L/ha
Culture, weed to be treated
Destructive Weeds
Single and dicotyledonous weeds
Application Method
Spraying of the crop areas in the phase when 4 real leaves appear in the culture.
Consumption Standards, L/ha

Recommendations for Use

Application Features

Impreza should be only used on the sunflower varieties and hybrids of the Clearfield® manufacture system in the early stages of weeds development. It is not recommended to use the preparation when sunflower plants are in a stressful state caused by adverse environmental factors (low or, in contrary, high temperatures, severe drought, excessive humidity, etc.). It is not recommended to apply this herbicide at the temperature below +10°С - 12°С and above +25°C. The optimum temperature for application should be from +14°С up to +25°С.

Spray Material Consumption Standards

200-400 L/ha. In the presence of a large number of the residual plants on the soil, the spray material consumption should be at least 250 L/ha. The most effective use will be when most of the weeds are at the initial phases of their development.


It is not recommended to use in the tank mix together with other herbicides (the high-efficient preparation), insecticides of the FOS-group and mineral fertilizers.

Precautions in Use

In separate cases, after the preparation has applied it is observed there is a decrease in height and/or change in the colour of plants, especially if sunflower plants are impacted by stresses of the environment (low temperature, severe drought, excessive moisture). As a rule, plants shall reach a normal appearance and high within 1-2 weeks.